Learning through play.  Growing through spirit.


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As a year-round preschool offering separate enrollment for the school year and summer semester, Ridgecrest Preschool offers a unique opportunity for families in our community.

As a ministry of Ridgecrest Baptist Church, our desire is to create an environment that lays the foundation for all children to become more like Christ.  Our theme verse, Luke 2:52, states "And Jesus grew in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and man."

To that end, our focus is on the following areas of development:

Wisdom (Cognitive/Mental Development) – Children are given opportunities to help them to develop their language, communication and creativity as well as learn to make choices and solve problems.


Stature (Gross/Fine Motor Development) – Children participate in individual and group play that will enhance their motor skills as they learn the value of keeping their bodies healthy and safe.


Favor with God (Spiritual Development) – Children are guided in growing in their biblical knowledge through Bible stories, worship through music, and prayer as they grow in their desire to apply principles of God’s Word to their own lives.


Favor with Man (Social/Emotional Development) – Children are taught to respond to others with Christ-like behavior, follow direction from adults and to take turns with others.  The staff also works with the children to help them develop a positive sense of self and to understand that they are made in the image of God.