Ridgecrest Preschool Mission Statement, Philosophy of Education and Curriculum

Mission Statement

The mission of Ridgecrest Preschool is to provide opportunities for each child to develop physically, intellectually, emotionally, socially and spiritually as they come to understand their own real and growing personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Philosophy of Education

Ridgecrest Preschool provides a secure and loving Christian setting where children can begin to understand God’s desire for them to become more like Christ.  We offer a developmentally-appropriate approach to learning which respects each child’s varying abilities.  Our theme-based, teacher-directed activities offer many hands-on experiences that allow children to gain an appreciation of the joy of learning while making memories, building relationships, and gaining knowledge for kindergarten readiness.


Ridgecrest Preschool curriculum is designed to give children the opportunity to grow and develop through theme-based learning.  Each class is set up to build readiness from year to year.  Our rooms are arranged to allow children to use hands-on learning centers in order to develop spiritual, cognitive, social, emotional, and physical skills through a loving Christian environment.


Our toddler classes offer a hands-on, theme-based curriculum set in an environment best for learning at this age.  We offer a wide variety of learning activities centered around daily routine to meet each toddler’s needs.  Toddlers will move from learning area to learning area with the teacher offering guidance and interaction as needed.  Teachers will instruct toddlers spiritually through daily Bible stories.


The curriculum for our two-year-old classes is theme-based and includes centers designed for age-appropriate learning.  Through centers and teacher interaction, twos will learn to identify shapes, colors, numbers, and letters.  Twos will learn spiritually through Bible stories and Bible verses as well as through daily teachable moments.


Our three-year-old classes will use Handwriting Without Tears - Get Set for School which focuses on strengthening fine motor skills.  Handwriting Without Tears offers hands-on learning such as holding a pencil correctly and writing letters and numbers.  Threes will also learn through theme-based units, center play, Bible stories, and Bible verses.


Our four-year-old classes will use Handwriting Without Tears - Transition to Kindergarten which offers hands-on, interactive play and child-friendly teaching strategies to help young learners get ready for kindergarten.  Fours will also learn through theme-based units, center play, Bible stories, and Bible verses.

Learning through play.  Growing through spirit.