FAQ for Preschool Ministry

1) It's my first Sunday, where do I go?  If you are visiting with your family, you should stop by the Welcome Center, located just inside the front door under the steeple.  From here, a host can escort you to the Preschool Kiosk located just inside the entrance to the Ark.  You will fill out a brief info card for your child, then electronically check-in to receive matching stickers.  One sticker goes on your child, and the other sticker stays with you until you pick up your child.

2) It's my first Sunday, what do I bring?  Babies and toddlers should bring diapers, wipes, bottle/cup, and a change of clothes.  You will want to mark anything you bring with your child's name.

3) What should I NOT bring?  We encourage babies and toddlers to bring a security item from home, especially on their first visit.  Older preschoolers should leave all toys at home.  We have plenty of great things for your child to interact with and toys from home are most often distractions. 

4) Should I bring my child if they are sick?  Out of respect for our workers and the other children, we ask that children be fever free for 24 hours, before participating in all preschool activities.  

5) Are there background checks on preschool volunteers?  Yes.  All volunteers with exclusive supervisory control over any minor at Ridgecrest must apply and/or interview with age-appropriate staff, and submit to a background check.  We also require that those serving as volunteers with minors be a part of our church for at least 6 months.   

6) Does Ridgecrest offer baby dedication?  Yes. We believe that the act of dedicating a newborn is both a dedication of the parents to raise the child in the ways of the Lord, and a commitment from our church family to be an extended spiritual family to encourage the parents as they raise their child.

7) Is my child old enough to attend VBS?  Vacation Bible School is for children age 4 (by September 1 of the previous year) through 5th grade.  However, we do offer classes for younger children whose parents serve as volunteers in VBS. 

8) How can I serve as a volunteer in the Preschool Ministry?  We are always looking for people who are excited about serving in the Preschool Ministry.  To start that process, click here to begin the application for service.  Also, contact Stacie Albritton to discuss how you can volunteer. 

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