Use our site to better connect to our church family.  Here you can check out up-coming events, find out what to expect at your first visit, and even get to know our pastoral staff a little better.  

At Ridgecrest we teach that for a person to connect to God, it simply takes faith in Christ alone.  And, as we follow Christ we start to express this faith with action.  We begin to realize we were created to worship God, to live in community, and to serve others.  At Ridgecrest we use three words to describe those three things:  Worship, Community, Mission.  We organize our church (and our web site) around these three words ...  


First, we invite you to be a part of worshipping with God's people.  And yes, you can worship God all by yourself in the woods or on a golf course, but we see in God's word the call to worship God in the midst of God's people.  So, we invite you to join us for worship on Sunday mornings.  Under the worship tab, you will find out ways you can join us and participate in worship.


Second, we invite to experience community through the relationships offered in small groups.  In community, we have the opportunity to live out all the "one another" commands Christ gives.  It's a place where we can love one another, confess our sin to one another, and encourage one another in the faith.  Under the community tab, you will find ways you can access small groups for all ages, birth through senior adult. 


Third, we want to encourage you to find your passion and discover your gifts for ministry.  We were created to serve God and he has a calling for each of us ... a mission.  Under the mission tab you will find ways to serve inside the church, outside the walls of the church, and to the ends of the earth. 

Upcoming Events