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Advance International 

This organization provides quality theological education to international students. They partner with the IMB and New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary to provide a certificate upon completion of 8 courses taught over a 2-year period in Indonesia, East Asia, Peru and Chile. Advance provides materials, stipends for the translators and places for the meetings. For more information about Advance, access or contact Phil Walker at 601.853.1090 x25, or

College Ministry in Maui

Ridgecrest supports Brandon and Brittany Kelly in his ministry to college students in Maui.  Brandon was our College Pastor and felt the call to return to Hawaii, where he had ministered earlier.  For more information please contact Phil Walker at

E3 Partners Ministry

Ridgecrest supports a Palestinian pastor in Jerusalem who has a church that ministers to both Palestinians and Messianic believers worshipping Christ together! We supply support for the pastor, materials for the use of the ministry, and training in church planting for young pastors. Get more information at

Fishhook International - Ghuna Kumar 

In a word, the heart of Ghuna Kumar’s work is evangelism. Whether he is talking with the van driver or preaching in a village where there is no church, Ghuna’s number one priority is sharing the message of salvation through Jesus Christ. A close number two on Ghuna’s list is training and equipping other believers to be witnesses for Christ. His vision is that everyone whom Gospel Friends helps – from the orphans growing up at the Mt. Zion campus to the young women in the sewing training program – will become salt and light for Jesus. For more information, contact

Hispaniola Mountain Ministries

In 2005 Hispanola Mountain Ministries (HMM) was established as a non-profit organization, by Tim Dortch, Executive Director and Founder. Their purpose is to minister in the Dominican Republic and Haiti through meeting the physical needs of the communities and the emotional needs of the people. God started numerous projects through HMM that has flourished these areas and look to expand as the Lord leads. Tim's passing in May 2014 from a rare brain disorder has begun a new chapter in the HMM story. But God continues to open many doors in both the Dominican Republic and Haiti; He has allowed HMM to bless so many people through projects and mission teams. HMM’s desire is that God will continue to use this organization to bless the people of the Hispaniola Island.  Get more information from

Indonesian Church Plant

Ridgecrest has partnered with Ronnie Serworwora, the former president of Jakarta Baptist Theological Seminary, for the last ten years in different church plants.  This year Ridgecrest will be sponsoring a new church plant in Tobelo, which is  in East Indonesia.  For more information contact Phil Walker at

Jews for Jesus

This is a group of Messianic Jews who are taking the good news of Jesus to their fellow Jews. We partner with them in reaching the Jews of Israel through evangelistic literature, Christian musical concerts, internet evangelism, sidewalk evangelism and secular media outreach. Get more info at   

Mission Aviation Fellowship

Our support goes toward their pilot, John Boogaards, and his family. They are now in Indonesia for speech school, and then John will be flying church planters, Bible translators and national pastors to the remote parts of Indonesian villages. Their family will live in Indonesia and build relationships with their neighbors until they have an opportunity to share Christ with them. For more info, contact Bro. Phil at or 601.853.1090 x25.  Get more information from

Reclaimed Project

Founded in Starkville, Mississippi, in 2012, Reclaimed Project was birthed out of a desire to exalt Christ by fulfilling the biblical mandate to serve orphans and the poor. Reclaimed Project assists families who wish to adopt, looks after orphans in their distress and cares for their community. Get more information at

Restoration Hope

Restoration Hope works with local, established partners on the ground in South Africa. They hope to change this country - from one that is marked by extreme poverty and injustice to one redeemed and transformed by the power of Christ. Get more information from

The Ark Project

The Ark Project’s mission is to equip the nationals in China so they can make disciples from the one billion Chinese. They do this through supporting the pastors of small churches, by teaching and training of the church leaders and by coordinating short term mission groups for American to do mission work in China. This ministry also partners with Advance International in training the pastors of China. Get more information at  

The 25 Project

Jesus speaks of the “least of these” in Matthew 25, and says that when we care for this group of people, we actually care for Jesus Himself. It is from these words in Matthew 25, and the calling of God, that the ministry of the 25 Project was born and exists. While the “least of these” comprises a broad range of people, the 25 Project is specifically focused on bringing hope and healing to orphans and vulnerable children. Compelled by the Gospel, they seek to bring hope and healing to the “least of these.” For details on The 25 Project, access For more information, contact Brian Price at or 601.853.1090 x26. 


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